Typhra here!

Hello! I'm (technically) video game dev and live in Canada! I go by it/its and They/Them pronouns and I am white! Occasionally I'll do art (2D and 3D).CURRENTLY TAGGING ON TUMBLR: nsfw, bugs, gore, backrooms

Do not interact if you consume or post the following:

  • A MAP/Pedophile - This includes Lolicon and Shotacon

  • Homophobic - Includes bi/pan/ace/demi etc

  • Transphobic - Includes TERFS and people who are against nonbinary identities

  • Racist - White people do not experience racism

  • Support police and the army

  • LGBTQ+ Exclusionist (Bigender are a part of LGBT and the like!)

  • Noncon content

  • Support incest

  • All of this applies to the real world and in fiction

About Me

  • White/Caucasian - Canadian

  • Born May 7 1999

  • Agender - They/Its